Free Internet Downloads


Web Browsers

Download the latest version of your Internet Browser free from the links given below:

  • Internet Explorer: a popular web browser by Microsoft

  • Firefox: a browser by Mozilla which is fast becoming popular. Available for Windows PCs, Mac and Unix

  • Chrome: This is a browser by Google

  • Safari: a specialist browser for the Mac, PC and iphone, ipad and ipod. This browser is produced by by Apple.

  • Opera: a web browser with a magnification tool, useful for those with poor eyesight. Many platforms supported including: Windows, Solaris Sparc, QNX, OS2, Linux, BeOS, Mac OS. They even have browsers available for various mobile (cell) phones and PDAs

  • Konqueror: this a specialist web browser for the Unix / Linux operating system

  • Lynx: text only web browser, useful for using with screen readers for the visually impaired

  • Amaya: W3C's browser, supports emerging technologies, useful for web developers



Multimedia Players / Plugins

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